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Multiple URL Opener

Use Multiple URL Opener by Wil's Domain

How many bulk URLs would you like to open at once with our Multiple URL Opener?

What would you like to do with our Mutliple URL Opener? What makes our Multiple URL Opener the perfect choice for any SEO or SEM professionals? One reason, it opens multiple URLs at the same time, affording you the opportunity to increase your productivity.

Another reason, it is a tested and proven SEO tool which is suitable for Firefox and Internet Explorer. You owe it to yourself to try our Mutliple URL Opener which is also known as an url opener, urlopener, multiple url opener, multi url opener, or url opner.

How to Open Bulk URLs at Once with Multiple URL Opener

Here is the instruction: Paste the URLs that you want to open in a new tab into the box below. Next, press the Open URLs button. The Multiple URL Opener will activate and a new window for each URL entered will pop up separately. Prior to using this tool, we suggest that you set your Web browser to open a new window in a new tab.

Although you can open bulk URLs at once with our Multiple URL Opener, we offer a word of caution... To prevent your computer from slowing down, avoid entering more than 10 URLs at once.